birthday cakes

HOME MADE TREATs and cakes from whole foods

no nasties in our treats!

We make our treats and cakes from meat and veggies to provide low fat and easily digestible treats.
we source locally, make fresh on order & deliver!
we dehydrate our treats to keep as much goodness as possible.

Our treats

Variety pack
meat, fish, offal, veggies
meat variety
fish variety
offal variety
veggies variety
meat/veg variety
single packs
€3,50 - €5
Our current selection is: Beef, Chicken, Turkey strips, Mackerel, Sardines, Salmon slices, Quinoa mixed with root veggies, Beef/Chicken liver and heart slices, Beef liver mixed with root veggies. We can adjust the size of the treats. We are open for suggestions
X-mas special
candy cane with carrots and parsnip
turkey and beetroot
beef and parsnip
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