Treats & cakes

HOME MADE TREATs and cakes from whole foods for cats & dogs

our treats and cakes are from muscle and organ meat and veggies to provide low fat and easily digestible treats.
we use ingredients for human consumption and which dogs and cats recognise as food. 
we source locally, make fresh on order & deliver!
we dehydrate our treats to keep as much goodness in as possible.

Our treats

single or Variety packs
of dehydrated treats
from meat and veggies
45 grams
€3,50 - €5
our current menu
our cakes
cupcakes and birthday cakes
from dehydrated and raw meat with steamed and dehydrated veggies
current menu (coming soon)
our ingredients
We use human grade meat and veggies to promote high standards for animal and plant farming. We are purposely staying away from fat, from grains and from any additives. 
We use no preservatives, no additives, no fillers, we use meat from animals that were not treated by antibiotics, nor fed with gmo food.
method of preparation
We buy all ingredients for human consumption. We freeze all meat for at least 72 hours. Our treats are dehydrated at 75 Celsius. This process preserves as much nutritions as possible. We dehydrate or steam veggies to make them digestible. We use raw meat for our birthday cakes upon request. 
storage and validity
Our treats are made fresh on order and packaged in air tight packs. 
If stored in room temperature they will last up to 3 days, if stored in a fridge up to 7 days, if stored in a freezer up to 3 months. 
We pay extra attention to our packaging and try to minimise by combining packs together, we try to use the most sustainable and reusable options
Our packaging for treats is freezer friendly, easy to write on any notes, including a zipper and re-usable but most importantly it is suitable for home composting. More info here.
We deliver our treats and cakes to guarantee the best quality and condition. We can post via express delivery upon special request.
We replace any treats or cakes if you feel that the condition isn't good. Please contact us, safe the goods for exchange.