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X-mas special
turkey & beef candy cane
turkey & carrot biscuits
beef & parsnip biscuits
Christmas double sided bandana
€ 1 0

current menu - treats

meat variety
turkey, chicken, beef strips and liver, heart slices
turkey/chicken/beef muscle meat, liver, heart
45 grams 
Variety pack
Our best selection
turkey/chicken/beef muscle meat strips, fish, liver, heart slices, veg&quinoa biscuits
45 grams 
fish variety
salmon, mackerel, sardine, white fish slices
45 grams 
offal variety
Liver, heart, kidney slices
45 grams 
veggies variety
Sweet potato, carrot, parsnip, quinoa biscuits
45 grams 
€3 , 50
meat/veg variety
turkeyS, beef, liver & sweet potato, beetroot, parsnip, carrot, celery, butternut squash biscuits
45 grams 
€3 , 50
single packs
Just turkey - single source of your choice
45 grams 
we are open to suggestions for new treats
(low fat, no grains, no diary:-)

current menu - cakes


veggies & egg

6 mini cakes or 3 large cakes

meat number - birthday cake

raw meat with dehydrated decoration

(suitable for raw fed dogs and cats)

veggie number - birthday cake

steamed veggies with dehydrated decoration

(suitable for kibble fed dogs and cats)