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only the best

the real deal 

balanced, healthy and nutritious treats dehydrated or raw
We love ALL animals and that is why we search for companies that are compassionate about animal welfare when they produce their products. Only then we can pass on the love and care already put in to be enjoyed further.

why is so important to choose the right ingredience

info on your pooch

Super important to let us know about your pooch so we can get it right

Fun box on its way

Each month we dispatch subscription boxes on 20th. 

For the occasional box we work towards the desired date.

Please let us know your choice by contacting us via e-mail, SMS or Facebook

Free delivery by hand to make sure you receive your box safe and on time.


What is inside our fun boxes

We source responsibly!
All treats and chews are natural with no synthetic additives or artificial preservatives. We use meat  from certified farms to the highest standards. Often it would have a label Organic but simply it is the available certification to protect the animal welfare which we choose to support.
All toys are made from non-toxic material and made to last.
 We try to support small companies with genuine ideas, introducing all natural and recycled material.
Our subscription boxes
Every month we provide a regular selection
muscle meat treats
organ treats
veggie treats
INTERACTIVE TOY or accessory
example of our custom boxes
christmas hampeR
2 christmas themed toys
Christmas cracker biscuits and treats
Christmas bowtie
collar safety light